Independent Advice

Our over 60 years combined experience in trust and asset management has taught us many lessons. One of these lessons is to avoid the temptation to create proprietary products in order to capture more revenue. For instance, there are an overwhelming amount of financial options available in the marketplace today, but experience has shown us that individuals and businesses have unique financial needs - relying on one solution for all clients is no longer indicative of success. What most clients really need is an independent advocate to help them make the right choices to meet their specific needs. Our depth of knowledge in asset allocation, portfolio construction, management of real property including farm and timberland and estate settlement allows us to assist our clients in making these decisions without any conflicts of interest.

We provide value to our clients through:

1. Outside investment management from the best managers available, both through mutual funds and individual, style-specific portfolios

2. Internal management of certain fixed income or special situation driven accounts, with a CFA on staff

3. Flexibility to provide the best solution to the client without the conflict of proprietary products or large investment staffs

Investment Process


Using an investment questionnaire as a starting point, we have an in-person meeting to determine tolerance and goals for accounts.

Portfolio Construction:
Beginning with asset allocation, we then drill down to provide the best investment management available for each asset class.

Ongoing Portfolio Review

For performance, allocation and style adherence, with consistent underperformers being subject to replacement

Regular Review and Control
Frequent meetings with clients to review accounts and to re-evaluate goals and strategies.


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