Superior Service

All organizations are going to claim to provide good service. At AlaTrust, our goal is to live that promise everyday. We operate on a team approach to contact management, making all of our employees available to assist our clients whenever the need arises.

Our team approach allows our clients access to professionals of a variety of expertise, ensuring the best advice and execution possible. We strive to be proactive in understanding ­potential issues before they occur, and we achieve this by getting to know our clients on a deeper level. We believe strongly in open and honest lines of communication. In fact, there can't be superior service without them, which is why developing trusting relationships with our clients is of the highest priority. Ultimately, the success of AlaTrust depends on our ability to deliver a service experience that goes beyond what is expected from the typical financial provider, and we are confident that our extensive experience and our dedication to building relationships will allow us to achieve this objective.

We Believe Superior Service Involves:

1. Personal Attention - for all accounts, regardless of size
2. Multi-discipline approach to achieve financial goals - utilizing our extensive experience in both asset and liability management
3. All officers are accessible to all clients - a team approach to contact management
4. Strong belief in creating and working with a team that consists of outside professionals (banking, legal, accounting, insurance) to insure the best advice and execution for our clients

Services Offered Include:

1. Investment management for individuals, trusts, foundations, charitable organizations and corporations
2. Coordination of estate planning programs for the efficient transfer of assets from one generation to the other
3. Investment management of Traditional and Roth IRA's
4. Trustee for revocable and irrevocable trusts
5. Personal Representative or Consevator for estates
6. Trustee of trusts established by a will, including successor trustee
7. Cash management programs for corporations, trustees and non-profit entities
8. Retirement services

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